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How can the price at Taxiticket be so cheap?
Why will my ticket be more expensive if I change my pick-up time?
What is the 'waiting'-fee?
Why do I have to pay extra for a child seat?
Why is my zip code not working?
Do I need to print my ticket?
After ordering, can I change my ticket myself?
Can I also get a sedan cab?
What size can my luggage be?
Will my ride to the airport be combined with other travelers?
How can I order a cab?
Can I also travel for business with Taxiticket?

What makes Taxiticket special?

Our drivers make sure they are more than ready on time, to transport you to or from the airport.

Travelling with TaxiTicket is no different from regular cab transport. Booking a cab at least 15 hours before you leave for the airport makes all the difference. This way we can plan the drivers and cabs well in advance and you will enjoy the lowest price!

Will you be flying from one of the airports soon and do you not have any transportation yet? Then calculate your cheap fare and do not hesitate to compare the price with other providers!

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What others say

Excellent! Super easy to book online, pick up was prompt, very friendly driver! It made the first step of our move home from The Hague so easy. Really appreciate this service! Lucy Smith

Excellent , reasonably priced, and reliable taxi service which I regularly use. Recently I left my keys in a taxi. Before I had even noticed they were missing Colvin Windzak, my driver, called to inform me I had left my keys in the taxi. He then offered to drop them off at my home, truly going above and beyond any service I could have expected. Sasha Goldstein-Sabba

I found through the htc website. I was not able to find many reviews about it so I was a bit nervous but I can't say anything else but great! The driver was right on time, called in advance that he was coming. Sharp price to get to Schiphol Airport at 4 am: 45 euros. We will definitely use them more often if we need transportation to Schiphol. Merel V

If you have to go from The Hague to Schiphol and back a week later at a time when there are no trains, is a must. For € 90,- they bring and pick you up in a fine (Mercedes) cab with a civilized driver.
In addition, they think along with you. I flew back on June 4 and was supposed to land at Schiphol at ten minutes past twelve. I had indicated that I wanted to be picked up at 00.10 on June 4. Wrong, it should have been at 00.10 on June 5. The day before my departure calls me to ask if June 4 is correct. Then I realized my stupidity. Thanks to the cooperation of there was a cab waiting for me at the airport. Chapeau! Rene M

I want to thank you for the good service!

It was the first time we used this service and we really liked it.
They bring you to the airport on time and letting you know when they are coming.
And also your flexibility in picking us up after our plane had landed earlier and we had to leave quickly because we only had hand luggage. Top! Lina

Neatly on time!!! Neat car and a friendly driver! If something is wrong they contact you and it is solved immediately! Samantha van Den