Frequently Asked Questions


Will my reservation be combined with other customers ?
No, travelling with a taxi ticket is the same as travelling with an "ordinary" taxi. If you travel with TaxiTicket you will not be combined with other passengers. Unless you ask for it yourself of course.
Why do I have to specify the exact size of my luggage?
The luggage space in a taxi is limited. By accurately determining how much luggage and which combinations are possible, we can estimate which taxi is most suitable for you. Please do this accurately. Of course the small taxi is cheaper. But if luggage does not fit and you are in danger of missing your plane, you would have liked to pay the difference. At the pickup time cannot guarantee that a larger taxi will be available.
Can I be certain that I travel in a sedan taxi ?
The lowest fares are made possible because gets the highest possible return from the available vehicles. This can mean that you are travelling alone in a vehicle that can carry up to 7 people. If you guaranteed wish to be transported in a sedan taxi, extra costs will be charged. Unfortunately, the availability of this option is not national. Depending on your departure location, this option may be available.
Can I make changes to the ticket after I have placed my order ?
Unfortunately, that is not possible. To maximize the planning of the vehicles we cannot allow customers to make changes to orders themselves.
Of course it depends a bit on the date and time of the taxi ride. The further in the future you order, the more effortlessly adjustments can be made.
Please contact us, by e-mail or telephone, if you would like to change your order.
Should I print my ticket?
No that's not necessary. The ticket is purely administrative.
It does not need to be shown in the taxi.
My zip code isn't working. I live in a new district.
If your zip code is not recognized, please use a zip code of the nearest main street.
Please enter the housenumber correctly. Enter your correct street and zipcode in the comment and we will make the adjustments and resend te corrected E-ticket.
Why are the childseats not free of charge anymore ?
To our regret, we are forced to charge a fee for the provision of child seats.
Because we use every inch of luggage space in the taxi, the seats are not standardly present in the taxi.
In order to make them available to the customer, many extra kilometres have to be covered.

As a result, it was unfortunately no longer possible to offer these free of charge.
Why does my taxi ticket become more expensive when I want to be picked up later from home or earlier from the airport?
With the times proposed by we have a margin of 5 to 10 minutes to pick you up.
Even then there is enough travel time to get you to your destination on time.
With this method we can keep the rates low because we can maximize efficiency.

When you shorten the travel time in such a way, this margin is no longer present.
The taxi booked for you can then no longer be used to the full in terms of operational time.