item   I do not live in one of the regions. Can I still order a Taxi-Ticket ?

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Of course you can, but not online on this website! Other, still very competitive prices apply for other regions. For more information please contact us by telephone or e-mail. Your ticket will be made separately and sent to you by mail
item   Do I receive confirmation after booking a Taxi-Ticket?

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Yes and better yet,... , we will always send a pdf version of the Taxi-Ticket to your mailaddress.
This tickets serves as proof of payment and will enable the driver to recognize you at the Meeting on the Airport.
item   Do you combine Taxi-Ticket rides with other (Taxi-Ticket) passengers ?

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No, booking a Taxi-Ticket is the same as a 'regular' taxi ride. We do not combine you and your party with other passengers (unless of course you for it).

The difference with a Taxi-Ticket and regular taxi ride is that you make the reservation well ahead which enables us to optimize our capacity and so you can profit from the lowest rates!
item   Where can we find the driver when we arrive at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport ?

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sheraton-schipholOn your return the driver will meet you near the Sheraton Hotel Schiphol

Please ask the driver that brings you to Schiphol to inform you about this meeting point. He or she will gladly show it to you!

item   Why are you so strickt with extra luggage ?

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By experience we know that suitcases keep getting bigger. In the past we were confronted repeatedly with luggage that did not fit into the taxi.

It is therefore very important that we know exactly what luggage you take with you. If you have any doubt please contact us before booking so we can inform and advise you.
item   Can the taxi pick up a second or third person on another address?

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Sure! Please note that all fares are based on one address (to and from).

For every extra address we charge 17,50.

(So if you book a return ticket there is a surcharge of 2 x 17,50 = 35,00 )

item   "Pay Online with iDeal?".... What is iDEAL?

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With iDEAL you can pay for your online purchases safely, reliably and easily. iDEAL is the system that will direct you immediately to your internet banking program when you buy online.

To use iDEAL there is no need to register, make an account or download any files.

If you use internet banking of ABN AMRO, Fortis, Postbank, Rabobank or SNS Bank you can pay directly with iDEAL. You pay in the familiar internet payment environment of your own bank. Payment as you are used to.

Want to know more about iDEAL ? Then visit
item   How does iDEAL work?

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Paying with iDEAL involves a few steps:

- You order a product.
- Choose iDEAL as method of payment and click on the iDEAL button.
- Select the bank where you bank online.
- You will then see the familiar internet banking environment of your bank.
- All relevant items of your purchase have already been filled.
- You validate the payment as you are used to.
- You receive payment confirmation from your bank.
- You return to the webshop; the order and payment are successfully completed!

Want to know more about iDEAL ? Then visit
item   Can I cancel a reservation?

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Yes, you can. Please cancel the reservation as soon as you know you will not need the Taxi-Ticket.

We will charge a 15% cancellation fee.
item   Why are the online fares different from reservations by telephone ?

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Because the prices we offer online are the lowest possible prices. We charge reservations by phone with a small reservation fee to cover the call centre costs. [ Call centre employees are not allowed to make any exceptions ]